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Meteologica S.A.

Over the past 20 years, we have developed our own meteorological and mathematical technology helping hundreds of clients, mainly from the energy industry, to deal with weather-related variables. Our experienced team will assist you in easily integrating our forecasts into your business. Based on the world's best Numerical Weather Prediction models, our in-house renewable power forecasts contribute in the optimization of your trading activities and comply with System Operators requirements. Meteologica strives to provide reliable services 24/7/365. Wind and solar power forecasts for renewable assets We provide forecasting services for wind and solar farms all over the world since 2004, reaching today a combined installed capacity of 350 GW. High accuracy, fast implementation, low data requirements and extreme reliability are the main drivers of our success. Our wide experience and continuous R&D efforts put us on the cutting edge of our industry. Power and gas markets fundamentals for energy trading Over 200 power and gas traders operating in European, North American and Asian Pacific markets benefit from our short, medium and long range forecasts for a variety of weather-driven variables.

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