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General Information Mekorot is a wholly owned government company, under the purview of the Ministry of Energy and Water and the Ministry of Finance. Mekorot was defined in the Water Law as the National Water Company and it is accountable to the Water Authority � the regulator that supervises Mekorot�s activities on behalf of the State. Mekorot was founded in 1937, before the establishment of the State. Since then, Mekorot have made a profound national contribution to realizing the Zionist vision and transforming it into a sustainable reality. The infrastructure and huge water plants, founded by the company, have essentially facilitated life in Israel and provided solutions, at all times, to all sectors � households, fields, farmers and industrial plants. Mekorot has always considered the development of the State, the blooming of the desert and painting Israel green to be a national imperative. In the spirit of the vision, the company has succeeded in developing knowledge and unique capabilities based on careful and accurate planning processes. Mekorot has formulated solutions over the years, which it has implemented in infrastructure, with �every drop of� Zionistic entrepreneurship and real substance. Concurrently with infrastructure and water projects, which are the basis for the existence of a stable and prosperous country, Mekorot carries out ongoing operations for a regular, reliable, and quality water supply. This is in the belief that there cannot be a situation where water is not supplied to all parts of the country, according to the needs.

EPC Project Management 2021

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