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Liberty Energy Services

Liberty Energy Services is an energy pipeline services consulting firm comprised of experienced and expert staff with a proven track record of delivering projects on time and on budget. Based on our experience in natural gas pipelines and the broad expertise and deep knowledge of the regulatory processes, we bring ideas to life with real world solutions that make the difference for our clients. Regulatory Affairs � PHMSA Auditing, Permitting at the Federal, State and Local levels, Enforcement, Rules Development, and Monitoring Environmental � Impact Assessment and Planning, Permitting, FERC Inspections, Post Construction Monitoring/Mitigation, Auditing, Compliance, Remediation, Reporting, and Training Safety � PHMSA Compliance, Inspections, Audits, Emergency Response Planning, Incident Investigation, Procedure and Manual Development Craft Inspection Services FULLRECON� incorporates real-time mobile data capture and reporting from Liberty�s mobile suite, and combines this data for an industry first � support for structuring and importing existing �analog� paper-based forms and documents. Our patent-pending STS (Secure Transcription Service) ensures legacy data accuracy that is 99.95% correct. We eliminate double data entry. FULLRECON� is the defacto visual, historical data retention appliance. FULLRECON� & STS � the first visual Resource Planning & Capture platform that processes and structures all project-related information in real-time.

EPC Project Management 2021

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