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Your partner for Direct Drive Wind Turbines. Lagerwey stands for quality and simplicity. And innovation is the key to our success. We design and produce our own wind turbines, designed to fit all requirements. We prefer to deliver our projects turnkey and provide a complete service and maintenance package. Our current platforms are based on a passive cooled Direct Drive Permanent Magnet Generator which allows us to produce a light weight and efficient product for our 1.5-4.0 MW wind turbines. Career Lagerwey has big ambitions for the future. Wind turbines are getting larger, more efficient and must meet increasing demands. Also, our company is growing fast. That is why we continuously invest in new talent and we would like to get in touch with technical talent. We regularly offer opportunities at our Engineering department in Barneveld. These activities include designing and constructing (Mechanical Engineering), making strength calculations and analysis (Structural Analysis) simulations (Loads & Control), analyzing data from measurements, development of control systems and software, power systems and electrical engineering (Power Conversion & Control Systems). Our core values: responsibility, team spirit, honesty, confidence, focus on improvement and fun!

EPC Project Management 2021

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