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La Marzocco

La Marzocco manufactures high quality coffee machines and equipment, finely handcrafted in Florence by artisan professionals since 1927, when it was founded by the Bambi brothers Giuseppe and Bruno, whose distinct heritage still lingers today. ? La Marzocco is a trendsetter, the innovations of style and technique within the espresso equipment industry throughout more than 80 years of experience and passion has made the company earn recognition in the coffee industry as well as in the specialty coffee environment. ? Rich in tradition, aware of its artisan values without losing site of a fast-forward edge, it delivers prime espresso coffee machines in over 80 countries worldwide.? The ongoing search for superior reliability and performance of each and every model are the living expression of La Marzocco�s values, a company remarked by its unique mindset and engagement in improving the coffee world and its community of people.? Headquartered near Florence, La Marzocco has a strong network of distributors and partners present on the 5 continents, and has branch offices located in Auckland, Barcelona, Melbourne, Milan, London, Seattle and Seoul.

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