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JSC Zarubezhneft

�Zarubezhneft� has a considerable scientific and technological potential that enables it to provide sophisticated full-cycle operations � from designing advanced computer-based models of oil and gas fields and reserves estimation to oilfield development projects and investment programs preparation and their further field implementation on a ready-to-operate basis. The company pays much attention to such an important direction for innovative development of oil industry as working out and implementation of the modern oil recovery enhancement methods. �Zarubezhneft� possesses a wide range of patented achievements for production enhancement and advanced technologies of oilfields development. �Zarubezhneft� capacities in this area significantly increased, when by the Decree of the President of Russian Federation #137 of February 3, 2004, �Zarubezhneft� incorporated JSC �RMNTK �Nefteotdacha� and two institutes � �Giprovostokneft� and VNIIneft. Because of this �Zarubezhneft� acquired its own engineering base and innovative assets.

EPC Project Management 2021

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