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Since its establishment Italpresse has produced high pressure hydraulic machines and automatic work cells for die casting process of light alloys. World leader in the manufacturing of: High pressure diecasting machines, equipment, automation and complete turn-key auto-cells Gravity casting robotics, automation, machines, equipment and complete turn-key auto-cells (with the sister company Gauss Automazione). Two-platen (toggle free) high pressure die casting machines Three-platen high pressure die casting machines Shot monitoring, control and diagnostic Robotics and automation, peripheral equipment Know-how and engineering, process optimization, project engineering and supervision Complete turn-key installations from green field for the foundry of the light alloy (aluminium, magnesium) Main application: automotive, electronics, domestic heating, telecom, motors, household appliances, industrial equipment Italpresse operates worldwide with over 3500 installations and prestigious references, it has maintained its ongoing technological leadership since the 1970s with the introduction of foundry automation.

EPC Project Management 2021

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