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Integrated Petroleum Services (IPS)

In today�s complex and technology driven services world, mutually beneficial Joint resources/capabilities is essential, this gives competitive advantage which is a main factor in marketplace where success requires talent, technology, resources and focus on a scale that is unprecedented in the oil & gas industry. Integrated Petroleum Services (IPS) was formed in 2006 as a Group Holding Company to allow many already existing companies within the Global Oil & Gas Industry to target one service supplier who has the ability to integrate services within a single portfolio of business that allows them the end user to focus more clearly on their own �core� activities. IPS is an investment/services holding firm related to the petroleum sector engaged in the investment, management and execution of projects requiring the effective application of engineering technologies and physical science in lieu of the current international standards and in accordance to the environmental & safety limitations. Our task is to build a win-win relationship with our customers and secure safe, professional business relationship. �Our mission is to deliver an extraordinary level of service to our customers, to achieve all targets set and to deliver on our promised results�. Shall always remain: "Pursuing Customer Satisfaction"?

EPC Project Management 2021

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