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Ingenero�s Value Proposition: World-class process engineering design taken through construction and then continuous ongoing operational support. Example Case Studies of Ingenero�s engineering support: End to end Engineering: Client had problem with regenerating solvents for reuse since in the process the solvents go through an explosive range. Ingenero designed a process to regenerate the solvents, tested their theoretical approach in the lab, sized equipment and process for commercial operations, provided basic and detailed engineering design, supervised construction, and provided start-up and ongoing operational assistance. The result is the client has a proprietary technology that provides a significant competitive advantage for production of their product. Operations Guidance: Client�s ethylene furnace�s run-lengths were well below design but technology provider was unable to provide guidance needed to reach design run lengths. Ingenero was brought in to provide continuous performance improvement. By applying the appropriate technology, methodology, and expertise, the client was able to achieve a 20% increase in throughput. Ingenero�s uniqueness as a process engineering and design engineering firm with ongoing operational support provides results unachievable by other engineering firms or by clients themselves: �All ongoing support clients have converged simulations of operations ��Twice the quality at half the price� � multiple PDP client (Worldwide Major) �30% increase in production for Alcohols facility � No CapEx �20% increase in production for 1,3 Butadiene facility � No CapEx �20% increase in production for Ethylene facility � No CapEx �50% improvement in availability for key assets in gasification facility �Involved with OSHA mandated PSV Analysis for majority of the US refiners

EPC Project Management 2021

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