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Impact Oil & Gas Limited

Impact Oil and Gas is a specialist oil and gas exploration company, dedicated to discovering high-potential exploration opportunities in frontier areas offshore Africa. Impact's expertise lies in its ability to assimilate a range of information from various sources to determine the hydrocarbon potential of a given area and then to build on that information by using state-of-the-art exploration techniques. Impact has access to the latest technologies used in hydrocarbon exploration and has the ability to apply the relevant technologies to the exploration of a particular frontier area. Impact Oil and Gas was founded in 2009 by experienced geoscientists who targeted a number of areas offshore South Africa which had very large hydrocarbon potential. Following licence awards and a successful 2D seismic acquisition campaign, a series of play concepts were identified and the company entered into a partnership with ExxonMobil in 2012 and with Statoil in 2015. The three companies are currently working on a substantial exploration programme offshore South Africa. With a clear strategic focus as an Africa only, pure exploration company, management is committed to building an attractive group of exploration assets and securing large independent and major oil companies as partners. The company�s objective is to build a world class portfolio, in a number of different geological and political locations on the African continental margins. Management believes that by doing so, and by having oil industry partners validate its exploration concepts and ideas, it can deliver substantial shareholder value in the medium to longer term. The company�s current portfolio covers over 111,000km2 gross, across South Africa, Namibia, Gabon and AGC (Senegal/Guinea-Bissau). For more information on the company, please go to

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