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HYLA Mobile

HYLA Mobile, formerly eRecyclingCorps, is one of the world�s leading providers of products and services that capture, extend and optimize the life and value of used mobile devices. We are transforming the wireless ecosystem by helping consumers realize and immediately take advantage of the residual value of their used devices, and are providing a reliable and responsible way of collecting, processing and distributing used mobile devices. HYLA Mobile�s approach delivers economic, environmental and social benefits to the partners, consumers and communities it serves. HYLA Mobile began in 2009 when a group of people saw an opportunity to �do well by doing good.� Our founders, who are leaders and entrepreneurs in the telecommunications and mass retail industries, noticed a growing issue in the mobile device industry: e-waste. This waste, however, comes in many forms. Waste in the form of cell phones being thrown into drawers or, worse, in the trash where they ended up in landfills, or in the form of economic assets that were not being utilized; and waste in the form of additional natural resources used to create even more mobile devices. At the same time, consumers were (and still are) clamoring for the latest and greatest mobile devices, creating even more used devices. All of which presented our founders with a huge opportunity: to redirect millions of used mobile devices into the hands of people who could use them to enhance their lives. Our mission statement says it all: Our work will create economic opportunity for all who participates; help promote digital inclusion by accelerating emerging market access to advanced mobile technology; and protect the environment by reusing mobile devices and responsibly recycling those that cannot be repaired.

EPC Project Management 2021

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