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Hydro Tasmania

Hydro Tasmania has been at the forefront of clean energy innovation for over one hundred years. We are Australia�s largest producer of clean energy � generating hydro and wind power � and the largest water manager in the country. Hydro Tasmania has 55 major dams, operates 30 hydropower stations and has built some of Australia�s largest wind farms. We also sell energy in the National Electricity Market through our retail business Momentum Energy, and deliver our expertise internationally through our consulting business Entura. Hydro Tasmania at a glance * Hydro Tasmania is Australia�s leading renewable energy business. We generate hydropower in Tasmania and trade electricity and energy-related environmental products (such as Renewable Energy Certificates) in the Australian market. * Hydro Tasmania is the largest water manager in Australia. * We own and operate King Island�s Huxley Hill wind farm and two diesel power stations on Bass Strait islands. They�re good examples of innovative use of combined renewable technologies. * We�re owned by the Government of Tasmania and currently employ over 800 people. We have assets worth around $4.8 billion.

EPC Project Management 2021

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