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HD-Petroleum� has developed a revolutionary micro-refinery technology that recycles waste oil into high-grade diesel fuel. The mishandling and improper disposal of waste oil is an issue that adversely impacts the environment and human life worldwide. Unfortunately the bulk of waste oil is indiscriminately burned, dumped, or buried, contaminating the air, water, and soil. The impact of improper disposal is devastating on human health and the environment by contributing to acid rain, carcinogenic emissions and asthma-causing gases. HD-Petroleum has chosen to approach the waste oil problem differently from conventional processes: sometimes smaller is better. HD-Petroleum's micro-refinery technology provides a truly practical and profitable solution to the waste oil handling predicament. Rather than trying to bring the waste to the solution, we bring the solution to the waste. An HD-Petroleum� micro-refinery is completely self-sustainable within a moderately sized urban or industrial area. Specifically, a population of 400,000 people will produce more than enough waste oil annually to support an HD-Petroleum� micro-refinery. After the re-refining process, the finished fuel product can be sold directly back into the same marketplace from which the waste oil originated. The simplicity of operation and the small geographic loop used in execution of the business model decreases overhead while creating local sustainable employment.

EPC Project Management 2021

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