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Grup Barcelonesa - Global Chemical Solutions

Production, storage and transportation of chemical products. Consumers demand ever more sophisticated products, in line with new consumption habits, from companies in every production sector. For this reason, the chemical sector is seen as one of the most dynamic sectors, constantly evolving, not only because the technology and products evolve rapidly but also because, for companies, safety and environmental control are becoming increasingly rigorous and necessary. In this very competitive environment, Grupo Barcelonesa brings together highly specialized companies to offer a comprehensive and quality service based on sales, formulation, distribution and logistics of chemical products. Contributing real value to the sustainable progress of your business is our main priority. Our values characterize the trajectory of each company in the group. The aim is to meet the expectations of our customers and to offer the best guarantees to our suppliers. At Grupo Barcelonesa, we are committed to a sustainable future. A future that can now become reality, where companies fully develop their production at the same time as substantially minimizing the environmental impact generated by their activity.

EPC Project Management 2021

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