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Global Power Technologies

Global Power Technologies (GPT) continues to set the world standard in remote power for industrial applications. GPT is the leading manufacturer and distributor of thermoelectric generators (TEGs). These ultra-reliable remote generators are known for their solid-state design (no moving parts), allowing them to operate in even the harshest environments on earth. History note: GPT traces its roots back to the first TEG ever developed to provide power on the moon for a NASA space mission! GPT also manufactures a solar remote power system that combines photovoltaics with thermoelectric backup to achieve otherwise unobtainable levels of system availability. If the need is specific, GPT engineers provide turnkey integrated systems for off-grid and grid backup applications. These solutions combine diesel or propane powered generators with battery storage to achieve autonomous operation for up to 1 year without service or refueling requirements. This saves on costly site visits. GPT products are used extensively in remote oil and gas, telecommunications, security and military industries. Since 1975, the company has installed over 25,000 remote power systems in 55 countries around the world. GPT is the world leader in Remote Power, specializing in high reliability systems for remote industrial applications such as wellhead automation, SCADA, valve automation, telecommunications, cathodic protection, and navigational aids. the company's main focus has always been on oil and gas applications including gas wells, offshore production platforms and pipelines of all types.

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