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Global Green Synergy Sdn. Bhd.

Global Green Synergy (GGS) is one of the leading solution providers for the treatment of oil palm biomass and manufacturing of value-added oil palm biomass products. Started as a oil palm Dried Long Fiber (DLF) trading firm, GGS has since ventured into development of oil palm biomass treatment and processing technologies to produce various value-added oil palm biomass products (e.g., Dried Long Fiber, Briquette and Pellets, Compost and Palm Kernel Shell Char, etc.). GGS actively participates in research & development with industry players, technology experts, research institutes and universities around the world to develop effective solutions to the oil palm biomass industry. In promoting 'Technology and Business Synergy', GGS actively transfers proven and effective technologies to the palm oil industry players. The optimised Transfer of Technology (TOT) options GGS offers have been proven to contribute to growth and environmental stewardship. Together we grow as ONE.

EPC Project Management 2021

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