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Gizem Frit A.�.

Gizem Frit is a producer of performance coatings and pigments since 1979. The products which our company manufacture are being used for the decorative and protective purpose in coating of the materials such as metal sheet, stainless steel, aluminum, castiron, ceramic tile, sanitaryware, porcelain, medical porcelain and glass. Additionally, these materials are being colorized by inorganic pigments which we manufacture. Our company carries on its production in fully automatic facilities utilizing up-to-date technology inHendek 2nd Organized Industrial Zone, occupying 60.000 square meter area totally, of which 25.000 square meter is indoor area. Gizem Frit is a leading company in the sectors it serves both in home and abroad, and it exports to approximately 50 countries in 5 continents. It provides 24 hours after sale service through its technical staff to its customers in each geographical area in order to provide the best service. R & D and quality control laboratory in our facility is equipped with cutting edge systems so as to reflect our leading position in the sector, and it has technical competence for testing and analyzing all kinds of mineral and inorganic structures. Our laboratory has been put at all times at the disposal of both our customers and those sectorial and academic representatives who embrace the quality as life style. Beside this, our experienced technical staff provides service to our customers 7 days and 24 hours. Our company always gives priority to quality and customer satisfaction, and has been engaged in constant endeavor in order to maintain continuous development and to put on best quality products to market at proper price

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