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GAMA Enerji A.�.

GAMA Enerji was formed in 2002, with a platform of assets that were completed by GAMA Holding under a Build-Operate-Transfer model such as Birecik Dam, Izmit Urban and Industrial Water Treatment and Supply Project, and Marmara Ereglisi Natural Gas Power Plant. GAMA Enerji A.�., with strong shareholder structure, develops and invests in power and water infrastructure in Turkey and the surrounding region. SHAREHOLDER STRUCTURE: 50.5 % GAMA Holding A.�. and its affiliates 30 % Global Power Enerji Sanayi ve Ticaret A.�. (Tenaga Nasional Berhad) 14.5 % International Finance Corporation (IFC ) 5 % IFC Global Infrastructure Fund Holding I Co�peratief U.A. (GIF) ASSETS BOT DISI WATER COMPANY (DIWACO) Disi Mudawara to Amman Water Conveyance Project: Amman, Jordan Water Supply Capacity: 100 million m3/year COD: 2014 Concession Period: 25 years OPERATING TGT ENERJI �RETIM VE TICARET A.�. Lamas III-IV Run-of-River Hydroelectric PP: Mersin Capacity: 36,4 MW, 120 GWh/year COD : 2009 ANADOLU ELEKTRIK �RETIM VE TICARET A.�. �akirlar Run-of-River Hydroelectric Power Plant: Artvin Capacity: 16,5 MW, 60 GWh/year COD: 2009 GARET ENERJI �RETIM VE TICARET A.�. Sares Wind PP: �anakkale Capacity: 24,75 MW, 88 GWh/year COD: 2010 Karadag Wind PP: Izmir, Turkey Capacity: 10 MW, 31,5 GWh/year COD: 2012 G�k II Wind PP: Manisa Capacity: 35 MW, 123 GWh/year COD: 2014 TYNAGH ENERGY LIMITED Tynagh Combined Cycle Gas Power Plant: Galway, Ireland Capacity: 384,5 MW, 2.300 GWh/year COD: 2006 I�ANADOLU DOGALGAZ ELEKTRIK �RETIM VE TICARET A.�. Kirikkale CCGT PP Kirikkale Capacity: 840 MW, 6,300 GWh/year COD: 2016

EPC Project Management 2021

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