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Fosfa a.s.

Fosfa currently operates production units in Germany, Czech Republic and Kazakhstan. The company creates revenues globally in over 80 countries with its commitment to service excellence as a pillar of its operations. We live to give is what inspires and unites the people at Fosfa, together we embrace every opportunity to serve a purpose, share our knowledge and create new solutions. This is how Fosfa�s philosophy �we live to give� comes to life. The foundation of its business, established in 1884, is a portfolio of phosphate based products. Today, Fosfa is the largest processor of yellow phosphorus in Europe and is a global player in phosphoric acid, food and technical quality sodium, potassium and ammonium phosphates. Fosfa has also established its dominance as leader in private label markets in Central Eastern Europe for the detergent segment. Fosfa is the producer and marketer of an environmental friendly line of home care, personal care and energy provider under the FEEL ECO brand. Innovation is our passion and nature is our inspiration. This is how phosphate, a basic element of nature that is essential for the development of life, inspires us to continuously develop new market segments and product applications. We are most proud of our recent product innovation � The Vertical Farm. With purpose, people and products at the heart its strategy, Fosfa does not focus solely on one industry but on solutions for the future. At Fosfa, everyone can make a difference. We value our people, respect each other, our differences and encourage contributions.

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