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Flokser Textile provides services in various sectors with manufacturing factories of leather, suede and fabric. Located on an indoor area of 65,000 m2 upholstery with nonwoven and wowen fabric, clothing, shoes, bags, leather craft and agenda sector products are manufactured by use of state of the art technologies at the Hadimk�y technical leather factory. The suede and fabric factory located on an area of 110.000 m2 at the �erkezk�y Organized Industrial Estate serves as the world�s largest flock (suede) fabric, woven fabric and print integrated facility. Having made significant investments in the upholstery fabric sector with raw materials such as velvet, linen, viscose, fiber, thread bobbin paint, Flokser Textile offers products which reflect the world fashion and which are of high quality standard and are suitable and distinguished from the existing, and which appeal to high-end pleasures to the likes of the customers. Making the difference in the sector with product quality, high production capacity, innovative approach, Flokser Textile has gained momentum with its three brand strategy at the third quarter of the year 2014. The Smartex, Sertex and Sedir brands of upholstery leather, suede and fabric products has established a brand expansion by means of creating different distribution channels in both the domestic and international markets. The brands of Smartex, Sertex and Sedir which bestow the products with the features of water resistance, easy-clean, hard-burn, antibacterial, phthalate free and many more features in upholstery leather, suede and fabric manufacturing, continue to develop products that add value to life and improve consumers� quality of lives. Pursuing its excellence in and expertise in upholstery fabric sector also in the apparel and shoe sector, Flokser Textile offers the textile qualities required in the market tallied with the world trends with Crea and WelLeather brands.

EPC Project Management 2021

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