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The Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company (EYDAP S.A.) is the largest company in Greece activating in water management and distribution as well as in sewerage services. EYDAP supplies water to approximately 4,300,000 customers (2,100,000 water meters) through a network of approximately 9,500 km. The main raw water sources and reservoirs are located in pure regions, free from agricultural and industrial activities. The sewerage sector serves 3,500,000 residents with sewers spreading at almost 8,500 km serves approximately. EYDAP has designed and implemented an integrated sewerage management system, designed to a proper, efficient and uninterrupted operation with the ultimate goal of protecting and ensuring public health. EYDAP was founded in 1980 under the 'Incorporation of a Single Water Supply and Sewerage Company for Greater Athens'? Act 1068/1980, pursuant to a merger of the incumbent water supplier in Athens and Piraeus 'Hellenic Water Company S.A.'? (EEY S.A.) and the 'Greater Athens Sewerage Organization'? (OAP S.A.). In 1999, under the 'Issues Related to the Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company and other Provisions'? Act 2744/1999, EYDAP S.A. took its present legal form, as all of its major assets were transferred to the company 'EYDAP Fixed Assets'? (Legal Entity under Public Law), thus remaining the property of the State. 'EYDAP Fixed Assets'? is the owner of dams, reservoirs, water towers, pumping stations and all other facilities that allow water to be transferred safely to treatment plants. Pursuant to an agreement signed between EYDAP S.A. and the Greek State in December 1999, EYDAP S.A. continues to operate the said facilities on behalf of 'EYDAP Fixed Assets'?. In January 2000, EYDAP S.A. was listed on the Main Market of the Athens Stock Exchange.

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