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EWAB International AG

EWAB Engineering is a multi-skilled global organisation with 50 years of successful Flow Technology projects for the assembly and manufacturing industry. We relay on innovation, performance and knowledge to create the best solution possible for our customers and their manufacturing production. The EWAB Workpiece Flow Logistics concept is what you need to get ahead of your competition. EWAB Group is a privately owned and was founded in Sweden in 1970 at the dawn of automation. We are one company in 11 countries - Supporting global customer needs. Workpiece Flow Logistics With a passion for simplicity we connect manufacturing operations. By innovation we build and design workpiece carrier solutions for maximized output and high OEE. #Automation #WorkpieceFlowLogistics #Conveyors #Innovation #TheOriginal How We Help Consultative selling - Design - Build - Installation at site - Implementation -Training All from small loops to simple lines and fully autonomous systems with intelligence for maximized output.

EPC Project Management 2021

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