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Eurofragance SLU

Eurofragance is a company specialising in the design and production of fragrances for perfumery, cosmetics, personal care and home care products. Our mission is to design the best fragrances in partnership with our clients, making their products those preferred by consumers. So that explains why we have been �capturing sensations� around the world since 1990. With headquarters in Barcelona, we have local presence in more than 60 countries and sell our products in five continents. We have manufacturing plants in Barcelona,U.S.A, Mexico D.F, India. and Singapore, as well as exclusive distribution in the Philippines. Besides, there are affiliates in Turkey, U.S.A, Mexico, Dubai, India and Singapore. Our employees come from over 20 countries in the world and they, along with passion and creativity, are the essence of the Company. WE ARE PASSION, PERFORMANCE & ENTREPRENEURSHIP. We are Eurofragance.

EPC Project Management 2021

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