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ESA - Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente S.p.A.

The Company has been holding the predominance in environmental care since 1966. Starting out as a water treatment specialist, we have branched out, to offer local authorities, utility companies, corporations and private citizens a range of products and services that will help them to balance people�s and nature�s need. Nowadays the Company has its headquarters in Bibbiano (Italy); it has 200 employees, 3 branch-offices in Italy, 2 branch-offices in Europe (Spain and UK), 1 branch office in Egypt, 3 production plants in Italy. Several solutions and opportunities that Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente S.p.A. offers to its customers daily confirms its leadership. The divisions where our company has been proving its important rule for years are: -Underground waste collection systems -Water Waste Water Treatment -Remediation of contaminated sites -Demilitarization of conventional and non conventional arms Our Company is certified CSQ, IQNet (UNI EN ISO 9001:2015), DNV (UNI EN ISO 14001), Italian Minister of Defense (NATO NQAP 110).

EPC Project Management 2021

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