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Erne Fittings GmbH

Erne Fittings GmbH is the world's leading premium manufacture and supplier of butt-weld fittings for the approved market. Established 1920 in Vorarlberg, Erne Fittings put their passion and perfectionism into manufacturing pipe fittings for permanent welds. With decades of experince in premium qualitiy butt-weld fittings we provide excellence application and industry knowledge, an outstanding number of approvals and certificates, top-notch solutions as well as excellent services and a wealth of fresh ideas. Due to the high quality standards and a unique level of approvals Erne Fittings is the preferred Partner in complex application fields like gas, nuclear, offshore, energy and chemicals. Our product range includes elbows, tees and reducers in various dimensions, materials and wall thickness. We have about 3000 articles in our stock to guarantee a high availablility and reliability for our customers.

EPC Project Management 2021

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