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Engineering Planning and Management, Inc.

EPM is a multi-discipline engineering company that provides cost-effective solutions for safe and reliable operation of nuclear power plants. We offer services in fire safe shutdown analysis, fire protection, PRA/PSA, risk management and engineering and software solutions to clients throughout the world. We provide assistance in addressing issues related to regulatory compliance, engineering programs, licensing, and configuration management for operating nuclear power plants, as well restart and new and decommissioning plants. EPM provides a full spectrum of services in support of utility engineering programs such as fire safe shutdown analysis, fire hazards analysis, Design basis development and certification, Environmental Qualification (EQ), Component Classification (Q-list), Obsolesces, Maintenance rule, etc. EPM Risk Services Division offers seasoned experts in PRA (Internal event, external event, fire PRA, seismic PRA), System Engineering, Fire Modeling, Thermal-Hydraulic and Human Reliability Analysis. Together with EPM's Fire Protection Engineering, Safety and Systems Analysis, Software and Technology Solution teams, we offer a one stop shop for all aspects of Risk Informed Regulation and other engineering programs.

EPC Project Management 2021

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