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Founded in 1863 in Germany, present in all continents, Eirich Group is a pioneer in material processing in mixing, granulating, pelletizing and fine grinding. In Brazil since 1973, Eirich supplies locally from individual equipment to complete plants, field services, engineering and original spare parts. In addition, Eirich provides technical assistance services, process optimization and laboratory tests performed at the Test Center. Eirich technology is founded in more than 50,000 operations for the most diverse and challenging applications around the world, covering industries such as agrochemicals, food, building materials, ceramics, foundry, metallurgy, mining, siderurgy, waste treatment, surface treatment, glass and others. All Eirich equipment is 100% manufactured in Brazil, adapted to national and international regulatory standards to attend all Latin America countries and accredited for financing with BNDES / FINAME.

EPC Project Management 2021

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