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EcoPhos is a Belgian based technology provider, producer and market leader of animal feed phosphates in Europe. Its patented process allows for valorizing low and high grade natural and urban phosphate sources. Its ecological and economic benefits solves many phosphates producers problems: decline in high grade rock reserves, environmental stress, phosphogypsum, raising production/energy costs. EcoPhos, with head office and R&D centre in Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium, employs 250 employees. It has an engineering office (Temco engineering), a full scale (4-8 kt/a) demonstration unit (Technophos) and two feed phosphates production sites (Aliphos) with a total capacity of 300 000 TPA. During the last 15 years, EcoPhos has developed and patented several processes for the phosphate industry in different applications : � Valorization of low grade rock phosphate to produce fertilizer, animal feed and all grades of phosphoric acid � P-recovery from ashes out of incinerated sewage sludge. � Valorization of hydrochloric acid from Chlor-Alkali plants, Sulfate of Potash furnace, TDI plants EcoPhos process and technology presents the following advantages : � 40% lower investment cost compared to conventional process � No rock beneficiation � Short residence time � High process yield � Highly concentrated phosphoric acid out of filter � Simple material of construction � Up to 50% lower variable cost � Low-grade or rejected phosphate rock allowing expansion of mines resources � Low energy consumption � Ecofriendly process: � Low waste ! NO Phosphogypsum! � Low energy consumption ! � Pure and valuable co-products: non radioactive gypsum or CaCl2 � Process is not dusty � Safe process: � No solvent � Atmospheric pressure � Reasonable temperature � Highly flexible plants: � Single line from 25 000 to 100 000 TPA P2O5 � Process adapted to client�s raw materials and products

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