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DREHMO GmbH - valve actuators - (A member of the AUMA Group)

DREHMO electric valve actuators. Wherever material flows through pipelines in liquid, gas or powder form several kinds of valves are used to shut off or to regulate the rate of flow or pressure. For reliable remote operation of these valves, wether they be globe, gate, ball or butterfly valves or damper, DREHMO electromechanical actuators have been employed successfully over the world for several decades. Our products are best when you don't recognize that they are actually there. Therefore we try as hard as possible to design and produce actuators that attract as little attention as possible throughout their entire life-cycle. Actuators Gearboxes Over the last decades we have constantly fulfilled this expectation to "set and forget"? with our wear-resistant and low-maintenance actuators in countless applications all over the world. Being active internationally in diverse branches of industry requires to adjust to the regional claims and needs. That is why we offer our actuators in every technical style necessary. Whether there is need for standard models with mechanical signalization or for non-intrusive high-tech actuators (or something inbetween), DREHMO has the right product. What they all have in common is the sturdy industrial design, the ease of use and the universal usage. Furthermore, our long-term product politics guarantees spare parts and service throughout the life cycle of your plant.

EPC Project Management 2021

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