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DKSH Marketing Services Spain SAU

DKSH Marketing Services Spain, is a Distribution Company of Speciality Chemicals supplying to many different application fields. Since June 2014, our company is part of international leading distribution group DKSH, as part of its performance materials BU. DKSH Marketing Services Spain is organized through four business lines: Industrial Specialties, Personal Care, Pharma and Food & Beverages. Every business line deals with products for a wide range of technical application fields. Apart from these sales lines, the company also has an internal organization that covers financial, administrative, regulatory and logistics areas. The company was founded as Zeus quimica in 1980 in Barcelona to distribute pigments in the Spanish market from well-known foreign companies with a good reputation that believed in the ambitious project of the two founding partners. From then orward, other relevant suppliers have joined our company to develop its commercial strategy in our market. In 1999 the activities were extended to Portugal through what it is today DKSH Portugal, with the support of our main Clients. In June 2014, the company was acquired by DKSH group, joining its Performance Materials Business Unit. DKSH is one of the leading companies in specialty chemicals distribution. DKSH Marketing Services Spain is ISO9001, adhered to "Responsible Care"? Programm with the objective of implementing a continuous quality improvement in Safety Health Protection and the Environment and Sustainable Development. From 2008, the company is listed as SQAS Distributor through ESAD assessement.

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