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Delmon Co. Ltd.

DELMON CO. LTD. PROFILE / PRODUCTS: We produce the best Filter media products viz. Silica Sand & Gravel as per the quality system of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO/TS 29001:2007 Standard and are fully complying the requirements of AWWA, ASTM and British Standard. Our infrastructure can meet any requirement, however big and whatever specification the client requires with delivery on time. Product Range: Silica Sand Gravel Anthracite Activated Carbon Garnet, etc We have satisfactory supplied for huge projects in the Waste Water Treatment & Effluent Reuse facilities, Waste Water Tertiary Systems, Sewage Waste Treatment Plant through out the Kingdom and in the GCC community like Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Kuwait etc. and in the middle east countries like Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt and as well as Far East countries like Singapore, Sweden, etc. Silica Sand and Gravel as FILTER MEDIA for water treatment applications is being involved for the following general processing steps to attain the good quality finished products. Sourcing Out and Mining the suitable Raw Material Segregation of Raw material Based on the Required Specifications Washing & Drying of Sand / Gravel Screening of Sand / Gravel Packing By this time, we are able to reach most of the global players in the water treatment field and all of them are well satisfied with us due to the Supply of high quality material Timely supply Supply in alternative packing On time technical and sales support Single source for all the filter media products

EPC Project Management 2021

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