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Deep Drill Supply Group

A family owned group of companies in the supply and service of drilling equipment and tubulars with independent mills and manufacturers. We believe that state of the art digital simulation combined with over 35 years of operational and fabrication experience provides the best preparation. Our brands comes from Quality, Engineering and logistical control at competitive prices. We are proud to offer you: For your rig requirements: With an extensive track record in providing blow out prevention packages for on-shore and off-shore applications: for Pressure Control Equipment. We safely and efficiently connect high pressure control equipment to flow line equipment: for Flow Line Equipment. The drill stem is the core of any drilling operation and for a driller mandatory to reach its final target: for Drill String Equipment. For your well requirements: We make the wellhead connection between upstream to downstream: for WellHead Assemblies. Our history lies with the supply of the conductor, casing, liners and tubing to build, produce or to reline the well, in 35 years we have built strong partnerships with reputable Mills. The durability and safety of the well comes from an optimum cement job: for Cement and Float Equipment. Our Services Our products come with assembling and installation, maintenance and repair, and testing and recertification to complete the life cycle of our OEM products. Our Rentals Our own OEM equipment and tubulars, carrying a wide inventory of tubulars, handling-, pressure control- and flow line equipment. We go for fast and reliable supply and service. Deep Drill Supply Group - Your fast and reliable partner between manufacturing, stock and drilling � 2015 Deep Drill Supply Group. All rights reserved.

EPC Project Management 2021

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