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Cyrus Group of Companies

Since its inception, some four decades ago as a family enterprise, the Cyrus Group has today, evolved into a multi-national and multi-cultural corporation with strategic partners and operations internationally. Cyrus Group began its trading operations in 1977 importing bulk commodities, primarily foodstuffs and fertilizers. Recognizing the market need for better quality control in the importation of grain products, the Cyrus group was the first in the region to import bulk rice with upgrading and repackaging at point of destination for wholesale distribution to Government and private institutions. The Group�s success in bulk commodity trading and the ability to identify and react to dynamic market environments led to the expansion into downstream petroleum sectors; trading in products such as bitumen, gas oil, fuel oil, base oil and lubricants. This organic growth was led by investment in bulk storage terminals, shipping and road transportation, which has given supply chain management and logistical solutions the capability to fully service its operations across MENA Region. Over the last decade the Cyrus Group developed �value adding� manufacturing capabilities to service the growing Infrastructure sector. Under its Cyrus infrastructure brand, the company has become internationally recognized as a prime supplier to the MENA Region, India and Africa of specialist Bituminous products and Construction Chemicals. Cyrus Infrastructure has now become a market leader in Polymer Modified Bitumen for major road and airport pavement construction projects. Today, the Cyrus Group remains a wholly owned independent business incorporating a diverse group of companies brought together under four key operating divisions: CYRUS Infrastructure, CYRUS Oil & Gas, CYRUS Logistics and RANSA Commodities.

EPC Project Management 2021

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