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Continental Carbon

Continental Carbon has been a technology leader in the carbon black industry since its foundation in 1936. We utilize scraps of low residual value ( waste streams ) from the end of the coal, refinery, and petrochemical industry to make valuable carbon black for the rubber industry and tail gas for renewable power generation. Continental Carbon is committed to sustaining our position as a reliable and value-added partner to our customers. In order to provide better service to our global customers, we now have four operation offices, four technology centers, eight manufacturing sites, and one licensee manufacturing site in key areas across Belgium, China, India, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, and the United States. Our innovative manufacturing technology ensures our leading status of both quality and product development and maintains our status as a global leading supplier of carbon black. Our complete product offerings not only serve global tire manufacturers and rubber makers but also serve specialty markets in pigment, plastics, and synthetic fiber. Continental Carbon is committed to delivering quality carbon black products and providing the integration services for all of your global needs. We firmly believe Continental Carbon will continue to deliver quality service and innovative products to our global business partners which will ultimately lead to enhancement of human life!

EPC Project Management 2021

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