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Concetti S.P.A

The Concetti, Bastia Umbra, Italy, specialize in manufacturing weighing, bagging, closing and palletizing machinery for bulk products. Customers can take advantage of the added value offered by multipurpose and reliable automation using the most innovative technologies in both the mechanical and electronic fields. The Concetti offers customers its experience in identifying the best plant engineering choices: - Basic and detailed engineering. - On-site technical surveys at the customer's facilities. - Customized tests for specific products and problems, such as study into the best bag and pallet dimensions to be used and mechanical resistance tests on the full bags. - Design and estimates for customized proposals. - Assembly and pre-delivery testing. Through the proposed services, the Concetti works alongside the customer during the development of the entire project. >Concetti North America Corp. is the US branch of the Concetti S.p.A. We are based in Hoschton, Georgia, and are the sales and after-sales service center for our US based customers. Visit > Concetti do Brasil Ltda is the Brazilian branch of the Concetti S.p.A. Visit

EPC Project Management 2021

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