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Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development

Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development (CRED) was created to help educate the general public about the energy, economic and environmental benefits of safe and responsible oil and natural gas development. In Colorado, we�re deeply proud of our land. We�re proud of the communities we�ve built on it, proud of its beauty, and proud of its natural resources that power our state. Through its recreational attractions and rich natural energy resources, our land made Colorado prosperous. For centuries, Coloradans have worked our land to create strong local economies. We�ve climbed snowy mountains, crossed picturesque rivers, and surveyed plains to discover all the natural resources our state has to offer. We don�t believe anyone should hold this great land back from its full potential. We believe accessing all of Colorado�s natural energy resources is the best way to honor our land, sustain our communities, and build a strong Colorado for generations to come. Even though the oil and natural gas industry has utilized fracking safely for more than 70 years, most Coloradans admit to not knowing or understanding what it involves. We�re here to change that. Our message is simple and clear: get the facts on fracking first before you make a decision.

EPC Project Management 2021

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