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COEMI Company

COEMI was established in 1974 as part of the Firm Prestigiacomo, which had already been operating for a long time in the business of maintaining electrical systems. With strong, solid experience of the business, COEMI embarked upon its rapid development through the installation and maintenance of electrical and instrumentation systems for chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and manufacturing plants. Coemi�s market quickly grew, starting from the Priolo (SR) Industrial Area and expanding year on year to incorporate a whole range of different business development opportunities: industrial, civil and defence contracts, constructing lighting systems, electrical substations and instrumentation systems. COEMI has collaborated in the construction of several plants for companies including Polimeri Europa, Sasol, Agip, Erg, Isab Energy and Enel. The organization of the Company, which has constantly improved over the years is nowadays able to assist the Client from the initial design to the actual start up of electro-instrumental systems, as well as offering a complete "turn-key"? service (engineering, assemblies, material supply and installation). Thanks to its highly skilled workforce of more than 300 employees, Coemi is able to manage projects of considerable complexity, and, is able to provide workforce with the necessary specialized resources as and when required."?

EPC Project Management 2021

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