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Clark Public Utilities

Clark Public Utilities is a customer-owned utility providing electric and water service in Clark County, Washington. The utility is a municipal corporation organized under laws of the state of Washington. It was formed by a vote of the people in 1938. The utility is governed by a three-member elected board of commissioners. Each member serves a six-year term with one of the positions open every two years. The utility consists of three separate operating systems, which are financially independent of each other: * Electric Distribution - serving approximately 190,000 customers. * Electric Generation - The River Road Generating Plant in Vancouver produces 250MW. * Water - serving approximately 31,600 customers. Clark Public Utilities has worked hard to cut operating costs. As a result, we operate much more efficiently than other public utility districts in Washington. According to Washington Public Utility District Association statistics: * Our customer to employee ratio is 1/566; the statewide PUD average is 1/255. * Our annual operating cost per customer is $326; the statewide PUD average is $587. Clark Public Utilities has won the JD Power Award for "Highest in Customer Satisfaction among midsize Utilities in the West"? for eleven years in a row, 2008-2018.

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