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At CDEnviro we believe zero waste is possible. By asking the difficult questions and taking on the difficult challenges we will continue to create new ways to turn today�s waste products into tomorrow�s assets. Innovation is second nature to us. CDE was formed in 1992 to service the Environmental waste water sector in the UK and Ireland. The CDE Group of Companies now employs over 400 people across 8 regions. CDEnviro was established as a Limited company in 2011. We provide solutions for clients in the following sectors: Landfill Diversion Recycling Waste Water Environmental Remediation Energy from Waste Our systems create such efficiencies that costs are often recuperated in only a few months through savings on landfill, the reuse of materials and through savings on extra investment in waste storage equipment. CDEnviro road sweepings and gully waste recycling plants are diverting more than 85% of waste material from landfill, and producing secondary materials with a wide range of further uses. At today�s UK landfill tax rate that equates to a saving of over L22m for our clients. Further details on the range of products and solutions offered by CDEnviro can be found at

EPC Project Management 2021

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