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CAYROS is an independent consulting firm specialized in providing consulting services and technical support for the Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Industry. Our main focus and expertise is on exploration, reservoir characterization, field development planning, 3D modeling, reservoir simulation, and integrated studies for drilling risk reduction, production enhancement, and development plan optimization. CAYROS delivers world class consulting services and technical support. Our highly qualified multidisciplinary team is comprised of domain specialists with 20+ years of international experience in countries like Mexico, Canada, United States, Colombia, Trinidad & Tobago, Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Argentina. CAYROS Software is a Division that provides technical software solutions for the oil and gas industry. At CAYROS Software, we are committed to developing powerful, stable, reliable, fast, user-friendly, and intuitive applications. We believe in combining a strong technical and scientific base with a very easy-to-use interface in order to enhance the front-end user experience.

EPC Project Management 2021

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