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VISION To be the trusted international, independent, quality and technicalogy (technical & technology) solutions service provider MISSION To become a technicality (technical & technology) solutions provider and minimizing our clients� risks by integrating technology with our services and delivering quality with integrity YEAR ESTABLISHED: 1968 OFFICES & LABS: 27++ INDUSTRIES Mining (coal, minerals), metals, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Maritime, Agriculture, Laboratory Testing, Food, and Consumer Goods. SERVICES Inspection, Testing, Certification, Consultancy & Technology As Indonesia�s largest private independent, inspection and testing company, CARSURIN is committed to delivering quality services with the utmost integrity. Through a combination of our expertise, qualified and dedicated people with extensive local knowledge, professionalism combined with technology, we ensure our clients� risks are minimized. With almost 50 years of in depth experience in various industries, the combination of our expertise and experience is unparalleled. Our strong work ethics are guided by our principles and core values and ensure that our independence remains.

EPC Project Management 2021

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