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Carpenter Co.

Carpenter Co. is one of the world�s leading producers of flexible polyurethane foam, processed polyester fiber and many other types of related products. We are a privately held manufacturer with sales of approximately $1.6 billion and headquartered in Richmond, Virginia where we were founded in 1948. Carpenter manufactures bedding and furniture foam, carpeting cushion, consumer products, expanded polystyrene, air filtration media, polyether polyols, chemical systems, and tire fill. Most people don�t readily recognize us, but almost everyone around the world comes in daily contact with one of our products. Walking on a plush, soft carpet, relaxing in your favorite chair or sleeping on your bed are all examples how Carpenter Co. products brings comfort to your life. You pass by our products being used as architectural elements or insulation in construction. Your computer components may come packaged in Carpenter Co. materials. Our tire fill products keep heavy industrial equipment up and running. Our consumer products provide comfort to you and your family. We employ 5,000 people in the United States, Canada and Europe in 47 locations around the globe. This has been and continues to be one of our most strategic assets for our continued growth and success. Since 1950, Carpenter Co. has fostered a successful, stable work environment that employs thousands of dedicated, hard working individuals who make our products and serve our customers.

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