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Cannon Bono Energia

Welcome to Cannon Bono Energia, dedicated since 1958 to design, manufacturing, installation, service and maintenance of industrial boilers for standard and special applications: plug in solutions, package solutions, site erected plants. Long lasting performance of the boilers are undertaken by efficient after sales service that offers original spare parts, maintenance activities, updating of the software, energy efficiency improving interventions and NOx reduction. R&D department is committed to increase the efficiency of boilers and thermal plants: waste gas heat recovery and optimization of electric energy consumption. Our internal Technical department provides process and mechanical design in compliance to PED, machinery and ATEX directives, GOST- R & RTN and SQLO certification; according to the following codes: ASME, European standards, AD 2000, BS 1113, Raccolte ISPESL. Today our commitment is: primary energy saving, energy efficiency's improvement, emission reduction, low impact environment solutions and keeping high energy efficiency during service lifetime of the plant. The Company, that joined Cannon Group in 1988, fully embraced the innovative and international spirit of the holding and today is a worldwide key player.

EPC Project Management 2021

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