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BWA Water Additives

BWA is a technology-led specialty chemicals company who provides sustainable water management solutions to increase our customers� competitive advantage. Whether it is scale control, corrosion inhibition, microbiological control or desalination, BWA has the most technologically advanced and environmentally acceptable products available in the world today. BWA has focused exclusively on discovering water treatment technologies since 1973. Our people are dedicated specialists in water treatment. Our regional R&D and technical support specialists in Atlanta, Manchester (UK), Dubai and China provide expert solutions to customers worldwide. Our brands are well-known, widely respected and used in more than 80 countries, with specialized applications for oil and gas, industrial water treatment and desalination, just to name a few of the sectors of the water treatment market we serve. Our technologies continue to be the most innovative in the water treatment industry, having recently discovered how to produce �biodegradable� high performance antiscalants, which are even more effective than any other chemistry on the market.

EPC Project Management 2021

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