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Brighter Oil Group

� Brighter is one of the leading Chinese oilfield equipment companies. � Our vision is to be the premier Chinese oilfield equipment supplier. � Our goal is to deliver quality and sustainable products and services for customers in the oil and gas markets. � We have an exclusive manufacturer evaluation system. By strictly assessing manufacturers� response speed, product quality, factory size, product price, service quality, Q&HSE compliance, certification system and customer feedback, etc., we choose the most appropriate product manufacturers for our customers. � We are an international enterprise, with customers worldwide. Our customers, operating in both the private and public sector, are among the world�s biggest�CNPC, SinoPec, CNOOC and Total are just a few. � Our diverse equipment and services are often used for challenging applications and environments, from frozen tundras of north Canadian Oil Sands to the blistering heat of the Persian Gulf fields. � Our employees are dedicated professionals who take pride in their work. The Brighter Culture helps us to attract, develop and retain the best talent. � We are proud of our �RATER� core values: delivering excellence to our customers with Reliability, Assurance, Tangibles, Empathy, Responsiveness.

EPC Project Management 2021

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