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From the beginning of the gas turbine industry to today, Braden has been the �go-to� supplier of auxiliary systems for GT OEMs and power producers. For over 50 years, Braden has helped bridge the gap between the offerings of gas turbine manufacturers and the needs of their power producer customers. No other company has spent more time listening, learning and cooperating with both groups. As a result, Braden has established itself as the most experienced and trusted name in the design of auxiliary systems for GT power plants. Turbine manufacturers acknowledge that no other company is better equipped to handle the challenges of GT plants: Air Filtration Systems Inlet Cooling / Heating Silencing Exhaust & Inlet Ductwork Diverter Dampers CO & SCR Catalyst Systems Expansion Joints Bypass Stacks Diffusers & Plenums Installation Inspection & Reporting Services Spare Parts & Filters We are headquartered in Heerland, NL and Orlando, Florida where we engineer and manage all projects worldwide. Braden teams with fabrication specialists in over 20 countries to keep fabrication costs down resulting in a quality product at the lowest delivered cost for our customers. Braden Europe is a stand alone Dutch Entity. August 2019 Braden Europe acquired intellectual properties of Innova Global companies including; Higgott-Kane, ATCO Emissions Management, Innova Global and Braden Companies With corporate headquarters in Heerland, NL Braden B.V. operates primarily through two operating groups, Braden-Europe and Braden-Americas. Braden supplies Environmental Care Solutions, Plant Upgrade Solutions and Auxiliary Product Solutions to the worldwide gas turbine power generation industry.

EPC Project Management 2021

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