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Bowman Geothermal

Bowman Geothermal is a subsidiary of Maevelle Energy LLC. Bowman Geothermal combines expertise in engineering, soil science and geology with a thorough understanding of geothermal technology to deliver efficient and cost effective utility scale Geothermal Energy plants as well as geoexchange systems. Bowman Geothermal serves a national and international clientele, offering the depth of engineering and geological resources that are essential to efficient, sustainable geothermal performance. Bowman provides feasibility analysis, thermal conductivity testing/analysis, engineering design, drilling supervision, well site geology, reservoir engineering, forensic engineering, resource development, and construction management to deliver turnkey systems to energy, federal, commercial, institutional, hospitality, retail, and residential clients. Bowman�s professional credentials and experience with hundreds of geothermal installations have made it the recognized leader in the implementation of this sustainable technology. Bowman Geothermal's Energy experience includes planning, designing and conducting geological evaluations of geothermal prospects throughout the US and overseas.

EPC Project Management 2021

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