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Booth Welsh

Booth Welsh is an Engineering Technology Company, with a strong background in electrical, control systems and instrumentation. Booth Welsh are a part of the Clough Group. Booth Welsh aim to collaborate with companies to win, execute and operate projects that would benefit from our 30+ years of experience in engineering and multi-discipline capabilities in areas such as Process Control, Panel Design & Build, Functional Safety and Electrical Control & Instrumentation. More recently Booth Welsh through its innovation efforts, have been developing digitalisation solutions for clients. By applying digital technology, Booth Welsh can enable client�s workforce and plant to become more effective. Digital Technology, combined with customer�s process knowledge, helps foster a right first time approach. Whether it is to increase quality, safety, productivity, save costs or time, there are major benefits that can be achieved through the integration of process knowledge, plant knowledge and digital technology, often without a major capital expenditure. Over the last thirty years, Booth Welsh has built an impressive blue chip client base such as Veolia Water, GSK, Diageo, EDF Energy, DSM and SBM Monaco. Booth Welsh operate in the UK and in overseas markets such as Brazil, Saudi Arabia, China, Monaco, Singapore, Angola and Italy. > Oil & Gas > Whisky > Pharmaceutical > Chemicals > Nuclear Power > Water/Utilities > Food & Beverage With our proven knowledge, ability, skilled resources and technical support, Booth Welsh provides you with a consistent, comprehensive and quality service. You can also phone us on +44 (0)3450 344 344 or email

EPC Project Management 2021

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