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BMO Offshore

BMO Offshore is an independent data provider, gathering and analysis company in the offshore wind and O&G industry. We specialize in protecting and optimizing marine assets. We strive to promote data driven thinking in marine operations and facilitate our clients with the right tools to do so. BMO Offshore brings together offshore wind and O&G project experience, scientific measurement know-how and operational experience in offshore operations and maintenance campaigns. We develop integrated development solutions and gather data that is linked and translated to specific KPI's that fit your company. BMO Offshore creates customer value by delivering high-end data services to the offshore wind power and O&G industry to improve the safety and efficiency during the construction and operation of offshore projects. We can maximize your value of operations. BMO Core values - Transparency: We create transparency of performance. - Safety: Our equipment is designed to improve safety on marine operations through clear feedback on vessel activities. - Clarity: Data is not yet information. Delivering information in the right format and time frame is essential for our action. - Simplicity: Operators already have enough assets to manage. BMO installs and manages the necessary measurement equipment. - Connectivity: Information is always available to our clients.

EPC Project Management 2021

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