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The One Source Solution Belvac has grown its product line driving innovation and performance in the metal container industry. Belvac's five business segments provide total manufacturing solutions. They are: - Belvac Production Machinery - Belvac Ceramic Solutions - Belvac Decorating Systems - Belvac Service Solutions - Belvac Container Solutions Belvac is the world leader in the design and production of continuous motion rotary machinery. We provide beverage canmakers with high-speed trimming, necking, base reprofiling and reforming, shaping, bottom rim coating, flanging and inspection technology. Over the years, we have been responsible for numerous advances in canmaking technology. This technology has enabled our customers to steadily increase line speeds and improve quality and productivity, while significantly reducing materials costs. Belvac was founded in 1962 in Lynchburg Virginia. Philosophies of quality, pride, craftsmanship, and work ethic set extremely high standards and quickly drove Belvac to become the world leader in its industry revolutionizing many manufacturing processes. For over forty years Belvac has turned innovative ideas into world class machinery. Serving both the Can Making and Plastics industry. Belvac is dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction by providing high quality products and services delivered on time. We achieve these high standards by fostering a culture of continuous improvement of our processes, improving efficiencies via reduced waste, accelerated throughput, and thus, improved long-term shareholder wealth.

EPC Project Management 2021

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